Skuze Venice Black/Blue/White Unisex


Skuze Venice Black/Blue/White Unisex


Item #1-02.  Black and blue fabric, blue and white sole and trim.  This unisex shoe is the ultimate in lightweight comfort.  Plenty of padding, wide toe and good arch support.  Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, breathable high-stretch material.  Anti-microbial molded footbed.  Easy slip-on and off.  EVA outsole bottoms designed for high memory shock absorption which reduces friction, heat, sweat and odor.  A good looking, comfortable shoe. Unisex sizes are as follows.  If your size is sold, we can order.

Men's 6 - Women's 7.5

Men's 7 - Women's 8.5

Men's 8 - Women's 9.5

Men's 9 - Women's 10.5

Men's 10 - Women's 11.5

Men's 11 - Women's 12.5 

Men's 12 - Women's 13.5

Men's/Women's Sizes:
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