Skuze Miami Black/Red/White Unisex


Skuze Miami Black/Red/White Unisex


Item #2-04.  Black and red shoe with red trim, red and black ties and red and white sole.  This unisex shoe is the ultimate in lightweight comfort.  Plenty of padding, wide toe and good arch support.  Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, breathable high-stretch material.  Anti-microbial molded footbed.  Easy slip-on and off.  EVA outsole bottoms designed for high memory shock absorption which reduces friction, heat, sweat and odor.  A good looking, comfortable shoe. Unisex sizes are as follows.  If your size is sold, we can order.

Men's 6 - Women's 7.5

Men's 7 - Women's 8.5

Men's 8 - Women's 9.5

Men's 9 - Women's 10.5

Men's 10 - Women's 11.5

Men's 11 - Women's 12.5 

Men's 12 - Women's 13.5

Men's/Women's Sizes:
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